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I Am Your Father's Day: X-wing Demo & Mission Play


15491 7th St 92395 Victorville United States
No... I am your father!

Happy Dad's Day! Come in to LineBreakers on Saturday for a casual X-wing day to celebrate the galaxy's favorite father!

We will be hosting demo games for new players and anyone who may be interested in this great game. Pre-built squads will be ready to help you earn your wings -- come fly X-wings and Y-wings against a swarm of TIE Fighters, or help the First Order crush the Resistance once and for all!

In addition, experienced players are encouraged to bring in their gear & play through the missions found in the core sets and big-box expansions! Grab that dusty bag of cool scenario-specific tokens and build a custom squad to capture that bounty, smuggle some cargo, or escape with a protoype starfighter.

Everyone who plays will receive one event-specific card from Fantasy Flight -- a double-sided Luke/Vader expanded art!

See you there!